REV. 23

REV. 23 at John Hancock Hall

September 29 - October 1

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Box office phone: 617-580-2565

Gala Performance: October 1

Please support White Snake Projects by purchasing tickets to the Gala Celebration on October 1. Single tickets on sale at the box office are $1,000 ($800 is tax deductible) and includes a premium seat, dinner and champagne with the cast. If you can't come to the show on October 1, but would like to celebrate with us, you can exchange your ticket for a ticket on any other day and come to the Gala dinner October 1.
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World premiere:
September 2017 in Boston

Commissioned by:
White Snake Projects

Dictated by:
St. John The Divine

Transcribed by:
Cerise Lim Jacobs

Julian Wachner
Creator and Librettist
Cerise Lim Jacobs

Mark Streshinsky


Lidiya Yankovskaya


Cori Ellison

Executive Producer
White Snake Projects

Georgia Lyman


Lucifer Michael Mayes
Hades Vale Rideout
Persephone Colleen Daly
Adam Jonathan Blalock
Eve Annie Rosen
Sun Tze Matt Anchel
Arch Angel Michael Michael Maniaci
Fury 1 Jamie-Rose Guarrine
Fury 2 Melanie Long
Fury 3 Norah Graham Smith
Cerberus, Hellhound Micro Jackson

Rev. 23 Trailer